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Mini Maven Maven Magazine | La Petite Magazine | Poster Child Magazine | Childhood Business | Babiekins Magazine |  
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FELI & PEPITA come from the world of fashion. Their works are inspired by a variety of textiles and fabrics that are used either as stand-alone material for their artworks or - as in their photography - focus on a special quality in each case. The independent characteristics of the material - the curvature of its surface, the haptic structure, the individual reflection of light - is the starting point. The two are working along the possibilities which derive from the material itself; its essence is conveyed into new contexts through form- finding. Often, the work concentrates on specifics of the material, such as flesh-colored stockings turn into soft, fragile animal skins, or a lively mosaic forms from fashion photography of fur coats. However, there are also surprising turns in which, for example, the inconspicuous potential of black plastic cords is activated into a thick shiny Rapunzel braid. Color combinations, patterns and structures are central in the photography of FELI & PEPITA. The compilation of many similar images to one common work directs the sight on both, the totality and the individual image. Here, the fashion related background crystallizes into an interest in the cultural codes of clothing. The two observe accurately how subtle features of recognition, often used by their wearers for conscious and fine distinction, are democratized by their own success through increasing publicity. In the end, these features spread themselves in form of plagiarisms and imitations far beyond their original contexts, like the well known Burberry pattern. FELI & PEPITA mark the variety of materials that determines the western everyday life as a carrier of cultural references. They are always able to tell a bit more than what seemed possible at first glance.
Melanie Bono, Curator, Munich, Germany

Pepita von Ehrenfeld
Born in Wesseling, a german industrial city, she lives and works in Cologne.
At the age of 12 she discovers her talent for painting and develops her passion for art and fashion.
Studies of art history, african studies und islam science at University of Cologne.
Since then she does paintings, photographic works and installations.
She worked as fashion stylist for fashion, commercials and celebrities.
Freelance fashion editor for magazines like Kid´s Wear Magazine, Donna, Stern, Bunte, Gala, Cosmopolitan and Fashion Today. 
The first collaboration with Feli Fla on the project “Oostendenaars“, by photo artist Johannes Booz, which was exhibited at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Oostende, Belgium and printed as book.
Costume design for the movie „I love you baby“, directed by Nick Lyon.
Numerous travels take her to the United States, to work in LA, Miami, San Francisco and New York.
For many years she visited several times Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.
Other travels take her to countries in Asia, like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
As stylist she collaborates with many famous photographers like Tim Petersen, Nick Clements, Markus Jans, Andy Tan, Elliston Lutz and Marcel Hartmann, to name a few.
Since 2007 she works together with Feli Fla on their common art production and photographic work.

Feli Fla
Born in Bergneustadt, the son of a German-Algerian couple moves immediately with his family to Wesseling, Germany.
Studies of German literature, political science, sociology and philosophy at University of Cologne.
Member of several music bands and projects, like Sally Davis Junior and New Sonic. Concerts, performances and LP / CD´s
Freestyle video / photographic works and sound installations.
Beside his musical work he becomes a Puppeteer for german TV Show „Hurra Deutschland“.
Always interested in people, he starts working as a freelance casting agent and walks around with his camera to find new talents and faces.
He is one of the founding members and editor of the Kid´s Wear Magazine.
Works as copywriter for the international advertising agency Grey. 
Since 2001 he works as photographer, fashion stylist and costume designer for music videos, advertising and fashion. This work takes him to numerous places around the world.
He runs the party series Discorobics and Dorfdisco in Cologne clubs as DJ and host.

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