Haymarket Check

c-prints, variable dimensions


Haymarket Check is the name of a check pattern, developed in 1924 by the company Burberry. In the clothing and accessories of all kinds, it is popular around the world for several decades.

The use of the pattern is often linked to a certain attitude to life. The commitment to a brand is considered as an expression of personal style. In addition, it signals belonging to a privileged group, symbolizing their status.

On numerous trips we document the phenomenon of "Haymarket check" and direct our attention to the tension between individuality and conformity.

The photographs originate from:
Algiers, Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Basel, Berlin, Bonn, Bolzano, Cairo, Cape Town, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Faro, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kassel, Lille, Lisbon, Luxor, Naples, Maastricht, Marrakech, Munich, Oostende, Phnom Penh, Rome, Santiago de Chile and Venice.

So far, the project includes 1200 photographs.

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